320 €
Camino De Santiago – Sahagun To Leon - Spain
440 €
Rodopi Road Cycling - Bulgaria
420 €
Balkan Road Cycling - Bulgaria
550 €
Cycling The Camino – Ponferrada To Santiago De Compostela - Spain
490 €
Trekking In The Pieniny And The Polish Tatra Mountains - Poland
590 €
Cycling The Emerald Route - Slovenia
450 €
Crete – Walking From Coast To Coast - Greece
535 €
Via Claudia Augusta - Austria
from 550 €
The Dolomites Of Val Badia Self-guided Tour (Trentino, Italy) - Italy

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If you have a growing interest towards self-guided tours after being on one of them then you are just an example of why these trips are getting more and more popularity. The reasons for that are more than considerable:
>> you want to hike when you have the time to do that, choosing a trip of incredibly low price where hotels, transfers and luggage transportation have been prearranged especially for you
>> you want to be flexible enough to deside where, when and how exactly to go
>> you want to take the challenge of relying on your own abilities to handle the situations in unknown environment, but still having a 24hrs emergency service
>> you want to trek only with people you know well, following your own pace, without strangers with different interests and habits by your side
>> you want to hike freely with just a light backpack, detailed roadbook and a map, having your accommodations and transfers secured in advance
We would like to welcome you aboard our specialized website for self-guided tours where you will find a fine selection of self-guided trips of any difficulty and location that would suit your preferences.