Trekking in Altai, Russia

Guided Trekking
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If you want to return to the solitary, primary beauty of the nature and are searching for a place which is not congested with mass tourism, Altai is your place! Far East among the boundless Asian space, in the middle of this widest continent, from the infinite Siberian wilderness - raises one of the most captivating mountains in on the Earth - Altai. Vast forests, turbulent rivers, mirror surfaced lakes, snow-capped peaks and amongst them the highest one – Belukha, sparkling masses of ice, vertical rocky walls charm the travelers. The peak itself is severe and hardly approachable but surroundings are perfect for tourism – picturesque pathways, views and the silence and purity of one of the last virgin places on the planet, inspiration that have given the beginning of Nikolay Rerikh’s spiritual teaching.

♦ The ancient rock paintings by Kyulu river
♦ The milky-turquoise waters of Kucherla river
Lakes Kucherla (1780 m.a.s.l) and Ak-kem (2000 m.a.s.l)
♦ The spectacular view over Belukha Mountain from Kara-Tyurek pass (3060m.a.s.l)
Verhniy Uymon village - founded by religious group more than 300 years ago


Day 1. Transfer Novosibirsk - Ust-Koksa.
Departure from Novosibirsk at 8.00 pm / from Barnaul at 11:50 pm. The road goes along the famous Chuysky Tract, once a main route of Russia - China trade. The road goes along Kanskaya steppe and finishes its run in Uymoskaya valley. The change of different landscapes and natural zones provides the traveler with general impression of this unique region of Asia.

Day 2. Ust-Koksa
Arrival in Ust-Koksa. Dinner. Getting the equipment. Instructing.                                                                           

Day 3. Ust-Koksa - Tyungur - Kucherla river
Early awakening. Breakfast. Transfer to Tyungur at 08.00 a.m. The Kucherla river (in Altai - Kudzhur-ly, "with saline soils") has a wonderful milky-turquoise water. The total length of the river is about 50 kilometers.        

Day 4. Kucherla river
Going up the Kucherla river. On the way in a rock cave next to the Kyulu river the ancient people created more than 100 rock paintings. Since the ancient times people have settled down under the shadow of Mysterious Belukha Mountain. More ten paintings are situated on the surounding rocks not far away from the cave.

Day 5. Moving under Kara-Tyurek pass
The camp is at the timber line. Radial excursion to Kucherla lake, that is at the altitude of 1780 meters.                                                                                      

Day 6. Climbing up Kara-Tyurek pass
Climbing up the mountain pass of Kara-Tyurek (3060 meters). From the top of the pass the spectacular panoramic view on Belukha Mountain and endless snow peaks of Katun ridge unfolds in front of the traveler.Overnight at Ak-Kem lake.                                                       

Day 7. Radial hike to Ak-Kemsky glacier 
Visiting the chapel. The path runs along the Ak-kem lake through several picturesque hanging bridges, moves across stone piles in the form of an old moraine and leads to Ak-kem riverhead, coming out of the kingdom of ice and cold. Dinner at the Ak-Kem glacier.  It is possible to climb up to the lake of Mountain Spirits on the way (optional).                                                                                                                                  

Day 8. Radial Hike to Ak-Oyuk river george ,Valley of Seven lakes and Yarlu valley (optional).
The Ak-Oyuk riverhead has the most beautiful lakes, each of which has its own unique color: turquoise, green, milky-blue and blue-black. Descending to the base camp after the hike. Lunch. After lunch - excursion to Yarlu valley (optional), where the entire city is built of stones. 

Day 9. Ak-Kem river 
Going up the speedy Ak-Kem river with milky-white water.The river starts in Ak-Kem glacier and carries in its steams the tiny pieces of white limestones from the slopes of Belukha.

Day 10. Ak-Kem river - Ust-Koksa
Move to camping "Three birches". Drive on GAZ-66 to Tyungur village. Moving from Tyungur to Ust-Koksa. Arrival at the tourist complex. Accommodation on the tourist complex territory in tents. Farewell party.

Day 11. Recreation 
Breakfast. Handing over the equipment. Free time.After lunch – excursion to Verkhniy Uymon village,which is one of the oldest villages in the Ust-Koksinsky area. The village was founded by Old Believers about 300 years ago. It has two museums: Local History Museum named after N.K. Roerich and Old Belief
Museum. After the excursions, departure to Barnaul/Novosibirsk at 05.00 p.m.

Day 12. Novosibirsk
Arrival in Barnaul at 07:00 am / Novosibirsk at 10.00 a.m.

Luggage transportation: From day 3 to day 6 of the trekking the luggage is taken by horses, after two days camping descending back to the valley - then you will have to carry your luggage!

Good to know: The tour can start and end in Barnaul instead of Novosibirsk .

How to get there: Please, contact us if you would like us to help you find suitable flights at the best price. When helping you to find flights we always try to find the best price for you according to the departure and arrival times. Prices vary depending on the airline and current availability. However, remember that the cheap airfares are often difficult or impossible to reschedule or cancel. Payment of the ticket is with your own credit card directly to the airline or travel agent airline, which also sends out confirmation of booking. A service charge (non-refundable) will be added if you want us to help you find the appropriate plane ticket.

Visa: ►All nationals need visa to enter Russia. Please, check at the Russian embassy in your country about visa regulations ►we provide visa support while you have to take care of applying for your Russian visa

Necessary equipment: warm jacket, rain gear, trekking boots, trainers and slippers, track-suit and warm hat, 2-3 T-shirts, shorts, 4 pairs of simple socks and 2 pairs of warm ones, cap and sun-glasses, bathing suit, flashlight, knife, matches, electric batteries, personal tableware, personal hygiene utensils;

Price Includes:
full board (except the meal during the transfer)
excursions per program with entrance fees (11-th day),Local mountain guides,speaking basic English
special equipment (tent; sleeping bag; mat; backpack; equipment for camp-fire)
invitation letter for Russian visa
pack-horses for carrying of food and group equipment (not personal) (from 3-d till 6-th day)

Not Included:
flight tickets
consular fees for visa
services of interpreters (French; Spanish; Portuguese or German)
other extra services
transfer from Novosibirsk/Barnaul to the starting point of the route and back to Novosibirsk/Barnaul

Extra Services:
airport transfers
accommodation in hotels in Novosibirsk or Barnaul
pack horse for personal baggage Day 3-6 (4 days total) Using pack horse in the other days is either not needed (radial trekkings from the base camping) or not technically possible for the horses
transfer from Novosibirsk to the starting point of the route and back to Novosibirsk- 170 EUR (1-3 persons)
transfer from Barnaul to the starting point of the route and back to Barnaul : on request